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1. What qualifications or criteria must one meet to be considered a hero for your services?

  1. Heroes include active-duty, veterans, first responders (such as firefighters, paramedics, and law enforcement officers), healthcare workers, as well as educators and administrative staff in educational institutions, spanning from Pre-K to post-secondary levels, and civil servants.

2. What if I do not qualify as a “HERO” classification?

  1. We also have a “patriot” rewards program tailored for verified active-duty and veteran family members (service member and veteran) who meet HUD low-to-moderate income criteria on case-by-case basis.

3. On average, what would a HERO or patriot save?

  1. Real Rewards Program availability and restrictions vary by state and are not guaranteed. Saving amounts are subject to factors such as services used, final sales price, new construction, property type, and specific circumstances, such as buyer-side paid commission.

4. How does the rewards program work?

  • Sign up for free.
  • Consult with a certified housing ambassador.
  • Start your housing journey.
  • Enjoy potential savings with our Real Rewards Program (restrictions apply).

5. What if I already have a relationship with a sales and lending professional?

  1. You can refer your professional to us. If they choose to join, you will begin your reward journey and realize potential savings.

6. Do I need to partner with all your specialists to receive savings?

  1. No, partnering with all our housing professionals is not necessary. Choose the services that best suit your needs. While it is not obligatory to engage with all our professionals, the more resources you utilize, the greater the potential for maximizing your savings within our program.

7. What are the options if I am not prepared for buying, selling, or refinancing now?

  1. There are no obligations if you are not ready to buy, sell, or refinance. We will keep in touch and be here to help you achieve your real estate goals at your pace.

8. What happens if I encounter credit-related challenges or issues?

  • Since we are a featured program of a HUD certified nonprofit counseling affiliate, one of our HUD certified counselors will assist you in getting mortgage-ready at no cost to you.
  • In the case that you are facing foreclosure, our housing counselors will do their best to help as well.

9. Where can I access your roster of housing professionals?

  1. Once you contact us, our team will diligently work on assigning you to a local professional from our network. We will promptly match you with the right professional to address your housing needs.

10. Why should I trust you?

  1. The trust you place in us is well-founded. As the only Veteran Service Organization (VSO) and network uniquely tailored to serve the veteran community, our distinguishing factor lies in our team of veterans and their families. They possess an unparalleled understanding of military life, coupled with extensive firsthand experience, requisite education, ongoing training, and practical knowledge.